June 17, 2010

best stories ever written :)

During Kelir-Goelali Festival, i participated as a volunteer, helping children in a drawing workshop. They were given 2 pieces of paper containing a word each, and had to draw a story combining the two words. E.g you're given the word "dinosaur" and " juggling", then you have to make a story up about a dinosaur who lives in a circus as a juggler. Or whatever comes to your mind :)

Let's see what the kids came up with :D I had fun snapping their drawings! :D Enjoy! And please full view the pics to see the story clearly *sorry, anyone can teach me how to post big images on blogspot?* :(

Meet the Capricorn star, who will meet the Aries star on the next page :)

Also meet Mausi the flying mouse :)

This girl wrote a very detailed story about Lola and her purple pillow. They went to a beach named Phineas and Ferb beach *i wonder where she heard of it* :))

This one is rather heartbreaking. This boy has only one leg and he drew a story about a pillow named Babo, racing with a bolster in a marathon contest. *sniff* :( i was speechless when i saw the drawing :((

Look at the beautiful colours, and she's only 9 years old :D

Trixie a mouse met Piglet the pig, they danced together and then they laughed together one-hour-non-stop *lmao* :))

My favourite artist! Hahahah meet Nicole, she drew a story about a flower named Joko 1, who can't stop dancing, and he met a poop named Joko 2. Hilarious!

Deceiving little devil! hahahah :))

Can you find the chair? :D

Anddddd this is so far, the weirdest! This was drawn by one cute, rather shy and quiet little girl. She drew a story about Scupid (i dunno what exactly Scupid was), who loves to swim in a polluted river, when he met the apple...and the glue :)) LOL Please please please full view to read what she wrote on the story :))

Kids are really inspiring! :D i wish i could be a kid once more :p


  1. hahahahahhaa yang terakir cerita nya ngga banget -_____-"

  2. aku mau dong diajarin bikin gambar bercerita... hihihi...
    eh km tuh temennya maya yg tinggi itu yah? maya pernah sms, eh dia salamin buat kamu...

  3. joko 1 joko 2, beserta scupid, apel, dan lem telah mencuri hatiku!
    nyahahahaha senangnya ternyata anak-anak sekarang makin absurd!

  4. @Tio : iyaaaa aneh ya kenapa lem? dan kenapa keteknya bauuuu :)) lol

    @Puri : eh? Maya Rachmawati ya? yang cantik banget itu? hihihi iyah temen akuuuu...Puri kenal juga? halaah sempit amat dunia yah XD

    @Tatiana: iyaaaa mwahahaha generasi absurd! :))

  5. keren kereeen!! sayang ngak sempet ikutan huhuhuhu!!

  6. hahahah kocak2 banget XD XD XD inspiratif banget ya

  7. cil
    gw suka yg terakhir.
    inilah contoh imaginasi tak terbatas anak2.
    ga masuk akal, tapi emang itu yang namanya imaginasi. =)

  8. @ ci Gina dan mbak Dina : iyaaaa hahahah anak-anak absurd yang sungguh manis :D

    @ Erik : ho oh...random banget imajinasinya yah :D gile, kynya gw udah gak bisa deh kayak gitu...mana kepikir bakal masangin apel sama....lem....hahahahah :)) dah sehat lo rik? :D

  9. wah profesi kita terancam oleh mereka
    the lil geniuses

  10. @Yola : iyahh kacawww gimana nih :))
    eh btw, udah terima hadiahnya Suddenly! horehore lucu sekaliiii tenkyu yah Yola dan Peni! :D *grim highfive*

  11. Aiih, lucunyaaa.... Senang rasanya liat anak2 makin kreatif aja. How are, you Cil? Nice to see you popping in :)

  12. Ajaib banget imajinasinya, liar abis, absurd, gajeboh, dapet ide darimana coba??? Emang di Playhouse Disney tontonannya apaan aja sampe mreka dapet ide kayak gini -_-"