June 26, 2010

we're painting central park zoo! (not) :p

Our very first mural project! XD

A friend of mine wanted to make a mural in the nursery for her 2 year-old and 7-months-old nieces. An exhausting project but we had tons of fun! :D And we learned a lot on how-to-make-mural of course! :D
Since the little girls will come straight from New York, we planned to paint the Central Park Zoo to remind them of their homeland (but oh well, it was actually just some animals with buildings silhouette as the background hahah)

Here's some lesson i'll share with you, which in fact i think many of you had already known, but i'll write it anyway just as a reminder to myself for the next projects! :D hehe!

To make a mural, you need to:

1. Draw your imaginations first on a piece of paper with grids (the grid will help you to transform the drawing on the wall), and colour it (and make sure the client approves it first of course...hehehe)

2. Buy the paints...
My professional mural-painter-friend, Admira Pustika, suggests that Jotun paint is good. However, due to the budget, my client bought Dulux and Mowilex instead. I prefer Mowilex, because Dulux didn't apply well on the wall (i dunno, maybe it was my fault it didn't apply well...hehehe) Anyway i just wrote this based on the experience i had yesterday. Anyone have other suggestion? I'd really like to know :D

Oh and you don't have to buy the paint in a large amount, because surprisingly, 1 litre of paint can cover about 9m2 wall XD

3. ...and equipments.
a. Brushes, any brushes of your choice will do. Bring several brushes of various sizes, to cover large spaces and tiny ones, and point little brush to do the outlines.
b. Plastic spoons or anything that can be used to take each colour of paints from the tin.
c. Buckets or plastic glass or anything to mix the paints
d. A piece of cloth to dry the brushes after you're washing them
e. Old newspapers to cover the floor and furnitures
f. Measure tape to be used for the sketching part.
g. Face mask, because i got dizzy from the paint odor after painting for several hours in a closed room @_@
h. ladder

4. go wild! :D

If anyone have other suggestions and tips please please please do share it with me here will you? :D thank you! :D and any critiques about our work will also help us to improve in the future! thanks in advance :D

Here's some pics of our first work:

I have to thank mbak Ari Prameswari for reffering me to mbak Putri, who gave us the chance to have fun on the walls! :D Special thanks also to the talented Admira Pustika and Aldy Novita for the mural tips! :D and of course to my best friend Betty Tio Marga, my partner in crime in this project XD

I can't wait to do more murals! Be warned, it's highly addictive! :D


  1. ehhhhhhhhhhhh this is just what i need for my backyard wall.. berani menerima tantangaaaan?? ;) seriusss nih, i want to hire you, send me your quotation to my email yak! btw, temennya admira jugaa? whatta small world!!

  2. bagus....BANGET...mau dong one day kalo rumah jadi :)

  3. @ mbak Amesh : hahhh? really? XD *astaga jadi panik* hahaha mau banget!! :D asik2 emailmu apa yah mbak? :D
    iyaaa Mira temen SMA aku hahaha kenal dimana mbak Amesh? :D

    @ mbak Lia: makasih yaaaa wahh boleh2...lagi semangat2nya nih hihihi mural is dangerously addictive

  4. aaaarggggggggggghhh... rapih sekali cecilll.... gambarnya luthuuuu >.< apalagi monyetnya .. >.< kawaaiiiii


  6. cil, thanks buat tips n triknya, siap laksanakan bikin buat kamar mika heeheee!

  7. Oh my goodness, I love it! I can't decide which animal is the cutest. They are all designed so well. The color palette is wonderful as well. :)

  8. oiyaaaaaaaaaaa gimana sih gak ninggalin email, amesh.budiristio@gmail.com
    benerann yaaa ditunggu! gue pas lagi make over kebon belakang niiiih :D
    i know admira from work, kita tetanggaan kerja di majalah :))

  9. lovely cuties...dear!


  10. cecil... aku punya banyak tmn2 mural.. hmm namanya artcoholic gitu... mereka gambarnya keren sadis...hehee.... tp begitu liat mural cecil.... ya ampunnnnn lgsg ngiler bgttttt.... lucunya!! hebat!
    ps. km membawa2 si owl... jdnya tambah lucu XP

  11. parah cilllll....lutchuk abissss!!!

  12. wah lucu sekali gmbrnya :D, eiya kemaren ketemu di Goelali, syg belum sempat bertegur sapa, ehehehe.

  13. aaaawww i love this. really. i wish i could draw that good. i envy huhuuuhuu ;(

  14. God!This is so amazing, I love this, I like the detail awesomeee! You're so talented :D

  15. ooo mi gooot!!!! supeeer megaaa kereeen dan lucuuuuh!!!!!!!!!
    ( kalo di fesbuk klik jempol likenyah harus pake jempol kaki yang gede karena LIKE BANGETTTT!)

  16. keren abiesssss.... aku lg pengen ngecat rumahku nih... eksperimen terhadap diri sendiri...kapan ya T-T

  17. Boleh tanya2 lewat email buat kamar anakku?
    email ku di lindy.wirasati@gmail.com

  18. asiknyaaaaa .. kerennnnnnnn *jempol* :))

  19. keren banget aku jadi mau, boleh tanya2 ngga? kirim email ya ke ning.mahayu@gmail.com atau ada email biar bisa aku yg ngimel? Thanks!