July 15, 2010

Finally Hippies :)

Kamar @ La Piazza Gading is officially closed. And here the story goes:


(sorry, can't seem to attach the video here, thanks to my "slowdy" speedy connection :( please check the youtube link above)

It's been a year since I got a phone call from Uci, asking me to join the team as a freelance designer. I was literally jumping on the spot after the conversation ended :D

It's been an amazing journey, and I dare to say that Kamar is the best thing happened to me so far :) Yes, the store at Kelapa Gading has closed now, but we're still going online! So please bear with us! :D
The best thing being with the team is knowing that we all share the same passion, and the same dreams. And I got 3 new bestfriends. What better gift can one ask for? :)

Now that we're finally hippies, there's a long road ahead to be conquered :D
Wish us luck! And don't forget to check Kamar@Everywhere at kamarkarma.multiply.com
We will come up with surprises! See you soon! :D


  1. hik hik hiks...ikut sedih... owl bag ku lom sempet bersarang disana,hehe...


  2. waaa..gw uda pernah belanja di kamar loh ^o^ beli monk bag, belanja online.. gw suka monk bag nya, muat banyak hehe..

  3. @ Aphrodita : hehe iya niiih tapi kita masih tetep gerilya online kok :D

    @ Cely : waaaa makasih ya Cel! hehe kita tetep buka online kok, trus nanti bakalan ada acara seru akhir juli ini...nanti aku kabari yah :D hihi

  4. haiyaaaaa
    nomaden cihuyyy
    asik kan bisa kemping dimana sajaaaa

  5. wuaaawww cayaank, ya ampuun dah setaon yah...cepet amat yak waktu. masi inget cei yg chattingan ma gw cerita diajak join ma kamar :)

    juju ..-_______-..

  6. @ Yola : iyaaahh bertualang sambil uget-ugetan di jalan :D
    @ juju : eheheheh iya jadi malu norak banget ya gw :))