August 03, 2010

Bukan Sulap. Bukan Sihir. Bukan Bazaar! :D

Bukan main serunya. Bukan main senangnya. Bukan main capeknya *tewas* :))

Bukan Bazaar is finally done!!! A month preparing, along with other tight deadlines, sure did absorb our energy. First Arie was down with fever and infection. A week after, mbak Uci also got sick. And then it was my turn to have fever and flu, and headaches on the D-day. And then the fever attacked mas Pikar. lol. We were really worried whether this event would go well, but you know what, it was a blast! XD

Met so many inspiring new friends, saw so many memories buried behind the stuffs-to-be-sold, join fun workshops (pengen yubiami lagiiiii) and bought so many amazing goodies *looking sadly at my almost-empty-wallet now* :))

Special thanks to Suddenly Sudden who granted my wish, they actually printed their new Ziggy Zdarlight design on tshirt and I’m the first person who have it now wohooo!! :D and also to Ika Vantiani for her amazing artworks, i’m so going to frame it! XD

Sorry for not so many images, as i’ve said before, my internet connection is so lame it was sooo hard uploading images here in blogspot and facebook :(

Thank you for all who has participated in this event! See you on the next project :D *start hibernating again* zzzzzzzzzzzz

Our masterpiece-patchwork-banner :D

A bunch of bunting we've made we're quite sick of seeing triangle shapes now :))

Mikisi was here! :D

Make Bazaar, not war! :D

Everybody loves Vantiani

Tea for two and their newly adopted Pinocchio! :D

Ari Prameswari from Nuala feat the famous Sheila Djiwatampu :D

Our lapak hehehe please do visit Kamar!

My personal favourite tenant : Loic loic!

Meet Larry and Babooshka, the two geniuses behind Loic loic

Boleeee kakkkk...boleeeee :D

Happiness project by the talented duo AhmettSalina

Hear hear what Rangga say :)

Amazing designs by mbak Tarlen Handayani

Chacha Sharindrawati from Cookwell making her delicious Bohemian pasta

Ubek-ubek!!! Ada yang melihat keanehan pada gambar ini? hehehe

Yubiami fever!!

Be a kid once more and buy an Atari!

wihiiiii didatengin metro tipi! :D

Everybody loves yubiami! thanks to mbak Tarlen

Glenn and his memories in the attic

Finally! Suddenly! XD

Bole kaaakkkk...pijet gratisnya kaaakkk....

Dinar Seurieus, Eric Phantasma, Cetra Aditya and Della were here! :D

Finger Power Friends amazing collage workshop

Retarded best friends, meet Opiq my partner in crime on Bloody Fairytale


  1. waaaa.........serunyaaaaaaaaa..........
    bohemiaaaaaaannn bgttttttt..sukaaaaaaaa...
    hope i'm the part of the bukan bazaar...
    besok kalo ada lagi pasti dateng deh...


  2. wow...menyenangkan! wuih bikin pengen aja.....
    pasti seru deh bisa maen ke acara seru n kreatif kayak gitu!

    eh bdw penasaran ma balon udaranya...bisa terbang gitu diapain yak?

  3. @ Dita : iyaaahh nanti ya moga-moga bisa bazaar bersama, sama si Puri juga XD

    @ Perez : hehe thank you! nanti kalo Kamar bikin acara lagi dateng yaaaa :D itu balon udaranya lampion gitu bentuknya jadi tinggal digantung kok...hehe kalo diperhatiin bener2 ada tali pancing di atasnya keliatan gak? :D

  4. Mbak Sheilaaaaa :D eh kamu ada blog juga kah? :D

  5. wahh seru, pengen ikutan juga donk.. hehe..

    maaf nyelonong, salam kenal ya.. :D