August 07, 2010

We made a mess at Dreamesh's :)

You can't imagine how i felt when the owner of Dreamesh Living left a note in my blog saying that she wanted me to paint her backyard *faints* I was thrilled and nervous at the same time XD

And after days thinking, i finally came up with this design of an elf peeking from his mushroom house :D

To my relief, mbak Amesh approved the design immediately! :D And so i contacted Betty my partner in crime, we scheduled the painting days, and there we were at her house a few days ago.

When we first arrived and saw the wall, i must admit i got even more nervous, because the texture was rougher than i thought, and we had to be extra careful not to press the paintbrush too hard, because the pieces of the wall would start falling out. oh man >.<

But we proceed anyway. The second challenge was to mix the colours, which was also harder than i thought. I mixed and stirred and mixed and stirred, and still i didn't get the colours i wanted. Raaarrrgghhh :( But fortunately it turned to be okay except it differed a bit from the original design *sorry mbak Amesshhhh :(( *

Third challenge. The rain. Those were definitely not the perfect days to do mural on a backyard. I didn't mind to be wet but i worried much about the paint. I was afraid the rain would wash the paint off, because the instructions said to let the paint dry for at least 2 hours time. but luckily it didn't. I love you Jotun weathershield!!! *kissing the paint cans* (no, i'm only joking. it's gross :p hehehe) Anyway, we've made it! :D Hope you like it mbak Amesh, and zillion thanks for letting us messing around with your backyard :D

The beautiful house of Prameshwari Budiristio

While waiting for the rain to go away :(
oh yeah we're high on mushrooms :p

The texture. Hard to paint, but pretty to be captured XD

The final result! :D


The look from the inside. Pretty nice (i hope) :))

The generous host gave us this before we left her house. Yes, one of the Dreamesh Living photo frame i've been eyeing since Inacraft! yayyyy! XD And look at her expression. That's the priceless gift for us :D

Irresistible cuties by the talented Puri Natasande :D

Painted these stones for Yuara, but when we waited for the stones to dry, Yuara got bored and left us :)) hahahah

Aaaand this is an additional gift from mbak Amesh, sorry for the shameless show-off, i just couldn't resist it, i was featured on the Spice magazine!!! thank you mbak Amesshhhh *hugs*


  1. great jobbb and congratz masuk magz :D :D

  2. congrats cecil masuk spice... btw aku yakin kamu nyium kaleng catnya hihihihi :)
    temboknya jd cuuuttteeee... berasa di hutan jamur :)

  3. That mural is beautiful and so sweet! It does look like it must have been very hard to paint on such a rough wall, though.

  4. ahhhh curanggg aku baru mau ngepost hari ini hihihihihihihihihi.. aku cinta kurcaciiiiiiiiii!

  5. congret cecil...
    jamur nya lutjuuu....


  6. @ Gun : thanks Gun! kapan balik sini? blm kesampean nih cita2 collab bareng lo :D
    @ Puri : *timpuk Puri pake jamur* :))
    @ Sara : yep, but i did learn a lot XD thanks Sara!
    @ mbak Amesh : eh eh aku mau poto yang bertigaaaa nanti colong yah dari blogmu hihihi
    @ Dita : tenkyu Ditaaa :)

  7. lucuuuu bangeeeeet!!!
    duh duh cecil nanti kalo gw dah punya rumah sendiri gambarin tembok gwa juga ya ya ya ya ya hihihihi :"D

  8. congrats cil.....kamu memang memang...!! ^^

  9. hihihihi I like.... kapan will it be MY turn :D...I like comments yang pake *faint* or *pengsan* never ceased to put a smile on my face :)

  10. @ Popok : buset, mana pede gambarin rumah popoook *ngumpet*

    @ Ella : Kamu juga memang memang...! XD aku liat Gina si marmot di gramed kemaren hihiy!

    @ Arno : thanks Arnsky :D

    @ mbak Lia : hahahah iyah abisnya gak ada emoticon pengsan sih jadi ditulis ajah :p
    hihi beneran mbak? Waaa mau bangeettt XD just drop me a message ^^

  11. aihhhhhhhhhhh...lutchunyaaaaaaa
    ak link ya? :)

    am Vicky...
    nice to meet you (^ ^)

  12. Hello Vicky :D
    thanks for stopping by :) Makasih banget ya di link :D boleh tau alamat blog nya? :D thank youuu

  13. well done on the publication!

    ps i tell you a secret, di foto gw yg 'come back' clouds itu sebenernya lagi ada pswt bikin tulisan 'come back to jesus allanah' tp gw cut yg gw snap cuma come back-nya doank hohohohoh... dipas2in ;)

  14. blog nya cecil dan hasil karyanya emang pantes kok di feature di majalah...!
    heheheee... =D congrats cil!