September 19, 2010

Chatrin and Kahlo

I met Chatrin Pandrya in senior high school, 10 years ago (wow, now i feel old hahahah) :D

She's extremely smart, top in class, an idealistic person, a model student, and to tell you the truth, the first time i met her, i think i must be out of her league. But you know what, besides being all that i wrote about her above, she's one down-to-earth girl, we get along so well and she became one of my best friends until this very day :) She's also one of the best writer i've ever known, i could spend hours reading her blog :D

2 months ago she was getting married, and i was ill i missed her wedding :(
This is my belated wedding gift for her. Actually i didn't come up with anything special, i just know that she's a huge fan of Frida Kahlo, and so i shamelessly copied one of Kahlo's painting The Thorn Neck and The Hummingbird, put Chatrin's face on it, and abuse the details based on my personal likings :p *i'm sorry mrs. Kahlo!* :D and below is the result :)

I hope she do like it :)

This is Chatrin :D

This is the original "The Thorn Neck and the Hummingbird" by Frida Kahlo

And this is the one i made :p
I only hope i did a pretty good job Mrs. Kahlo would forgive me from her grave. Amen :)