December 05, 2010

giveaway oh giveaway (CLOSED) :)

Hello! :D

I'm going to do a giveaway like other good bloggers do :D hehehhehe
I have 5 set containing 5 different designs of Christmas cards to be sent to the first five person commenting on this post. No, you don't have to be a follower or spread the word about the giveaway :)
I'll wait until Dec 8th and send the 5 package on Dec 9th :)

All you have to do is send the cards to your beloved ones, just for the sake of reminiscing the feeling when you receive a hand-written Christmas card in an envelope with stamps in your mailbox :D

When was the last time you receive or send one? :D
(Oh well anyway it's up to you if you want to send it or not anyway hehehe :D)

And i'm really sorry, but this giveaway is just for friends who reside in Indonesia, because it'll take too long to ship the cards overseas you wouldn't have the chance to send it to others before Christmas day :(

But, for friends overseas, i also have 10 blank Christmas cards i'd love to send to you! :)
So, 10 people who wants to receive a Christmas card from me (is there? anyone?), just drop your full address to :D
i'd be more than glad to send the cards to you :D

Here's a sneak peek *actually i'm not really satisfied with the print quality but oh well :(*

you could also purchase the cards, Christmas envelopes and shopping bags on your nearest bookstores :D Thanks Capricorn Publishing! :)


  1. ceiiiii....mauuuuuu :D
    bisa milih ga??? hihi :p
    suka yg 5 design pertama :D

    lidya jap

  2. Waw.........lucu-lucu, warnanya suka banget. Pastel! hehehe...

    EH, keren begini tapi kenapa kurang puas? Is there anything wrong ^^
    Kartu yang terakhir seru juga, gamabr pohon Natal besaaaar, dengan bintang di atasnya (kalo gw ngebacanya adalah harapan/mimpi yang menjadi tujuan hidup, eehehhe * sok tau)

    BTW Cecil iktu Heello Fest juga ya, buka booth yang jualan boneka2 dan bantal lucu?

    Oh, ya,

  3. Yang biola buat guaaaa :D

  4. Duh, kok nama gue Anonymous ya? heheheh...

  5. SAYA MAUUUU... cecil kartu yang no 8 boleh buat aku ga? O.O ayolah ayolah ^_^

  6. wii, lucu2 banget, apalagi yg ke 8 sm 11 :D hehe

  7. waah! :D trimakasih komen-komennya yaaaa :D okeiii, jadi yang 5 orang yang beruntung mendapatkan paket giveaway nya adalah :
    1. Gina
    2. Lidya
    3. Darbe > ini bener gak Darbe yang anonymous itu hehehe
    4. Keti
    5. Perez

    tolong segera dikirimkan alamat lengkap masing-masing ke yah :D

    Buat Antonia, Lidia dan Tuing-tuing, aku kirimin kartu Natal yaaa, coba alamatnya diemail juga hehehe :D thank you all, 7 cards to be sent :) anyone else?

  8. oh sorry, 5 cards to go! there's another 2 people already sent me a message requesting to be sent the card :D

  9. You have the prettiest cards! I want that little reindeer with the ornaments in his antlers to come and be my pet! tehe

  10. Oke Raras! Kirim alamatmu ke yaaa :)
    Kamu yang terakhir nih pas stoknya abis hihi :D
    thank you yaaaa :D

  11. They're all great - I like the cutout Santa over the world map and the mouse with the candy cane in particular.

  12. cumii cecil! knp sabtu kmrn ga bilang2 kl ada giveaway keren ky giniiiiii?? ahhhhh sebel!

  13. @ Sam : thank you Sam! :D
    I'm really sorry but i'm out of stock of the cards now, will let you know if i have re-stock them, would love to send you one :D

    @ Puri : kamu mah pasti aku kirimin Puwiiiii hihihi tapi bukan giveaway nya sih maap ya, abis ndak adil nanti sama yang udah komen2 duluan hehe :D

  14. uuuuhhh ga buka blognya cecil siih dari kamrenan... mestinya bisa mengendus giveaway...

  15. @ Audi & Lola : no worries! :D i'm planning to do new year's giveaway too *kalo keburu huahahahha*
    next time i will pick the winners randomly deh sepertinya cara yang ini agak tidak efektif hihihi :p

  16. aaaaaaa makasih kak :)))
    hahaha aku baca blognya kakak terus tapi cuma konsumen doang. ga pernah comment.

    seru banget video2 muralnya :)

  17. huahhhhhhhhh luvvvvvv the xmas cards!!!!!

  18. huuu telat bangeeet... mauuu...