January 05, 2011

so let the hello echoes :D


Yesterday i got the stylish blogger award from Ojanto :D
Actually I feel i don’t really deserve this “stylish” blogger award. I think i could never say that my doodles are "stylish". Hehehe. But really, thanks a lot Ojanto! :D It's not the award, it's the thought that there are people out there who like your works that makes your day! :D

And now i decide to spread this happiness to 8 other people and state 8 facts of myself as instructed. Since i don’t know exactly what standards set for this stylish blogger award, i would subjectively pick blogs that inspired me the most, based on my personal likings :) Stylish or not, these people have inspired me in many ways :D
Mind you, very, very subjective :)

Okay so here goes the list :

1. Tarlen Handayani
I’ve been stalking Vitarlenology’s blog for quite some time, i found the blog very inspiring and interesting. And the person behind the blog is very humble and down-to-earth. You have inspired me a lot so i’m presenting the first award to you mbak Tarlen :)

2. Ika Vantiani (Ika, have you launch your new blog?) :D
I love love love her collages. She taught me many things. It’s tons of fun everytime i meet her for a “bikin-bikin” session, sharing thoughts over papers and markers and glue :D Looking forward to having another session yah Ka! :D

3. May Ann Licudine
I officially declare May Ann as my number one favourite artist. I could stare at her works for hours and take my time savouring the yummy details, and feeling the emotions building up inside me. Take a look for yourself and go gaga with every page-viewing :)

4. Ella Elviana
Ella’s works reminds me of childhood memories. Classic yet stylish, bubbly yet warm, vibrant yet humble. :)

5. Tatiana Romanova Surya
Original drawings and poems you’d be curious what’s going on in her head when she creates all that :D

6. Shalimma Robbiaswaty
Amazing lineworks and collages, dark and rebellious, and of course, addictive! :D

7. Ai
I won’t blame you for drooling literally while staring at her posts! XD

8. Chatrin Pandrya
Take your time digesting her beautifully-sometimes-sarcastically-arranged words, and remember, don’t take it literally :)

And now, 8 things about myself. Hm. Let’s see...

1. I don’t have a decent drawing skill. And by saying this, really, i'm not trying to set an image of myself as a humble person or anything. I couldn’t draw proportionally (yet) *we have to be optimistic huh?* :D I don’t understand perspective drawing, as you may notice, i always draw an object with frontal angle, the easiest angle i could understand. The rest, i usually let my instinct work on it. That’s why i never have the courage to teach other people to draw :)

2. I read a lot. And think a lot. I could spend hours just staring into empty spaces, with thoughts running inside my head.

3. I love doodling. My favourite time to doodle is in the middle of a boring meeting :p

4. My drawings are mirrors for me to find out who i really am. I’m one scatterbrained person sometimes i don’t understand myself i have to let my thoughts out on a piece of paper and get a better view of things inside my head.

5. My right eye doesn’t work properly. I was born with this flaw and only a few people know about this :)

6. My drawings are often twisted because sometimes i could hate the world with such intensity i have to let the darkness inside of me out or it’ll kill me from the inside.

7. I’m a professional procrastinator and could spend hours browsing the net and poring over art blogs and end up having these insecurities and low self-esteem after seeing all the great works of other artists. doh :(

8. I spent almost an hour typing this entry and i don’t know what else to say about myself for this number 8. But hey this is also a fact i’m stating here, right? :D

Done! :D

The 8 people i mentioned above, if you guys mind forwarding this award then you don’t have to do it, really :D I just think it would be nice to spread some simple joys in our busy days.
Thank you for reading my rants! :D


  1. hihihi, kamu lucu ya cil! kan tiap artis punya gaya beda-beda, punya keahlian unik, dan kamu udah inspiring koq buatku :D

  2. hihihi, kamu lucu deh cil! ah, sapa bilang kamu gak hebat, kan tiap artis punya gaya sendiri-sendiri, dan karya2mu unik! kamu udah menginspirasiku tau! :D

  3. wahh thanks banget loh aku jadi terharu baca alasannya.. makasih banyak ya.. aku selalu merasa happy liat gambar-gambarmu, meski aku ga bisa gambar tapi aku selalu senang punya temen yang pada jago gambar alias kagum heheheh..

  4. ya ampoon celpok gw br baca inih! X"D! trimakasih yaaah, seneng sekaliiih oretan odongodong gwa dihargai oleh celpok!!! :">
    *merona mere guling guling girang pertama kali dapet award ahahahahaa*

  5. @ mbak Tarlen : hehe iyaaa senang bisa saling menginspirasi :D

    @ Popok : hahahaha ikut guling2 ah! nanti tukeran lagi yah Pok! :D

  6. *gasp* baru baca...
    ya ampun cil, perasaan selama ini yang sirik saya deh!!

  7. btw, nomor 1,2,3,4 dan 7 sama! taurean!! :D

  8. @ Ella : ya ampun mirip banget La! cuman muka kita doang yang gak mirip hahahaha