February 10, 2011

and we wish to surrender to summers :D

A year postponed trip, and nearly cancelled again for the second time, but thanks to Uci Galuh Kesumanjati, i had an amazing 10 days exploring Thailand.

Got lost in Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, Bangkok, Amphawa, and found new friends and lessons along the way :) Backpacking with a very low budget and earned a priceless experience :)

I will try to share the full stories with you all, but it surely gonna take quite some time, so enjoy the pictures first! :D

Yes there supposed to be 4 people on the team :(

Attacked by fishes at Mosquito Island! XD

New friends on Phi Phi trip

The overrated Maya Bay.
Too bad the weather was a bit cloudy so i couldn't really feel like Leonardo di Caprio hahah XD

Fire dance!

best pad thai restaurant in Phi Phi!

The beautiful Tup Islands in Krabi

dua dakocan berpetualang! :D

Noppharat beach

Lard Yai restaurant in Phuket old town. Very cute interior, almost like a vintage toys museum, good food, reasonable price, nice people. 8 out of 10 stars :)

True :)

Wat Phra Kaew

Colourful skirt on a happy sunny day! me want! >.<

Very nice guesthouse at Amphawa, a hidden paradise near Bangkok

Amphawa. I love every little details of this little town :D

Vintage snack and toys shop euphoria! XD

The sun never fail to make every pictures perfect! :D

These fat, grilled oysters are only 25 baht per 6 piece. nomnomnom!

Sunset at Amphawa. The sun was dangling low, and with the boat sounds and Malayan songs for the background music, i nearly melt down and cry.

Look at the sunset. God almighty.

Come on admit it you're drooling now :p

Vintage tin toys and masks shop. I feel like Kenji in 20th century boys XD

Unique hawkers all around Bangkok.

Surely will be back sometime in the future. I miss Amphawa already :( In the meantime, let's go to work again :) Work hard and travel harder! :D


  1. weeeeew...nice place...jadi..jadi...pengeeeeeeen

    jadi...brapa kisaran budget yg diperlukan buat ke sana?

  2. @ Perez : kalo gak keberatan agak "gembel-gembelan", aku kemarin abis 3.5jutaan buat 10 hari, udah termasuk jajan dan belanja :D

  3. Oh my goodness, what beautiful photos! It looks like it was an amazing trip (and it is so refreshing to see such sunny, warm places - it has been nothing but ice and snow and more snow here in NY)!

  4. seems like a nice holiday!! dulu gw ke thailand peginya to the other side - koh tao, koh phangan, koh samui. kayanya phuket + phi phi lbh bgs ya?

  5. @ Sara : sending you sunshines from the tropical country! Come on Sara visit me! :D

    @ Lola : hmmm kalo untuk pantai, phuket menurut gw jelek sih La, Phuket seru old town nya...Phiphi and Krabi were nice, tapi overcrowded banget dan turis2 itu pada nyampaaahhh sebel banget gw :( masih jauh bagusan pantai2 di Indo sih hehe :D tapi kemaren agak nyesel gak sempet nyobain camping di Maya Bay... Aku malah blm ke Koh Tao, Koh Phangan dan Koh Samui...bagus ya?

  6. waaa fotonya baguuuusss
    jadi cuman berdua? hebaatt!

  7. fotonya baguuuus2 banget kaaaak :D

    wah 3,5 juta? udah termasuk pesawatkah kak?

  8. @ ci Gina : iya jadi cuma berdua huhu :( tapi seru sekaliiii :D ayok kita bareng dong kapan2 :D

    @ Raras : pesawat aku bookingnya dari taun lalu sih Ras ngejar promo air asia, kira-kira 500ribuan PP :D