February 07, 2013

The princess and the dragon

Below is a snippet of a children book project i've been doing with a dear friend, Chatrin, who is also a great and brutally honest writer :)

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you Nogi the dragon and Monjo the princess :)
Happy Chinese New Year!! :D

Hello! I’m Monjo. Before I go on, let me say this first: Please do not believe anything Nogi said about me! ANYTHING!

I assume you’ve read about me before. If you haven’t, well, I’m a princess. My parents are the rulers of Galaxy Amatarp. It’s somewhere far far away. I came to Nogi’s planet on a space shuttle because I ran awa… uh, because I want to pursue my career as a pastry chef.

Anyway, Nogi has a book that shows how people in some parts of your planet celebrate Chai-nees New Year. It looks very exciting! A bunch of humans with yellow skin and squinty eyes having BIG dinner (with lots of exotic food!) and exchanging red envelopes, mandarin oranges and cherry blossoms all over the planet, feisty celebrations with beautiful fireworks… and best of all, DRAGON DANCE!

Nogi is obsessed with anything dragon and I love to dance, so I thought it would be nice if I gave him a little surprise. But I guess art and craft is not my thing. It’s very stressful! I’d rather bake pineapple tarts and moon cakes (of which I also know from the book). I’m sure my pineapple tart is the most delicious pineapple tart in the whole galaxy. Nogi said so.

Alright, I have to go now. It’s all a mess in here and Berenice has been nagging me to clean up. Sometimes I wonder who the boss around here is!

Happy New Year, Chai-nees Earthlings!

Ps: I think my zodiac sign is rabbit, because I love them so much!

Pps: Oh, Berenice (you can call her Bernice, she likes it) is the peacock looking thing you can see on my head almost all the time. She’s a native Amatarpian. She’s alive, magical, but not that smart and sometimes annoying!

Ppps: Now I really have to go! Bye-bye!

Writer’s note:  Books are our window to the world. Never limit children on books. Let them explore. Let them learn. Let them know :)

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