April 26, 2013

Collaboration with Elegance.

First time designing pattern for a bedding line! :D
Turned out that pattern-making is much more difficult than i had imagined.
The results arrived today and i must say i'm happy with the results.

 This one is inspired by Scandinavian plants, Wild Angelica and Lady ferns.
Big big thanks to Chia Tjong & Johan Lukmito.
Will be available on the market next week. 
So please, show some love to me by buying a set *puppy eyes* :)


  1. Ciciiillll its so lovelyyyyy ....aku mau beliiiiiii....ada dimanaaaaa

  2. Congratulations! Wah bisa beli di mana nih?

  3. pertanyaannya sama, bisa beli dimana? ada ukuran apa aja?

  4. Halo semua...maaf baru sempat reply...bisa dibeli di counter2 Elegance di Senayan City, Grand Indonesia, Gandaria City,dll. Ukurannya ada yang single dan king size :)