November 29, 2012

Nuna's Koekjes Christmas Edition

Illustration for Nuna's Koekjes Christmas packaging.
With a lot of references from Sanna Anukka's works.

Classic grandma's cookies recipes make them literally the best cookies in town, so grab them fast before it's out of stock! :)

My personal favourites : Strawberry butter, Kiwi Cookies and Mixfruit yoghurt :D

November 20, 2012

Sarong design for ICOM

Batik pattern design for ICOM+IN Asia Pacific Regional Meeting, Sanur-Bali, November 15-17, 2012

ICOM is a network of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, which missions are:
• To provide effective integrated communications resources to clients internationally  
• To provide a free exchange of ideas, information & support for members
Client: MACS909
Creative Director : Ariyanto Zainal
Producer : Ossy Astria

Some details :)

November 07, 2012

Chinoiserie Christmas

I've been in love for a long time with Chinoiserie designs.

Actually what i really want is to make Chinoiserie pattern on cloths, to be sewn into shirts and gowns and bags and whatever. But since i haven't found any supplier who could do it (i'm kinda frustrated actually), i decided to use these designs for Christmas cards instead. The designs were originally China blue on white, but i converted it to red :)

Christmas is drawing near and i'm in the spirit of writing and sending mail cards! (as usual) :D
For me, nothing beats the feeling when you receive a handwritten mail, in an envelope with stamps :)
So for you who shares the same feeling, i'm selling these blank Christmas cards for you to send all over the world :)

The package will contain 6 cards with 2 different Chinoiserie designs (3 cards for each design) with 6 brown envelopes). All for IDR 30.000,- (excluding shipping fee)

I will made this print-by-order, so if anyone's interested, just drop a comment below this post :)

Thank you! :)

Oh oh and please pretty pretty please if anyone knows where to print patterns on cloths (except Spoonflower), or if there's any fashion designer who is interested to make these patterns into a clothing line maybe (tee hee!) :p, please let me know :D

November 06, 2012

Aneka Kopi dan Minuman Segar

Blackboard illustration for Kedai Tjikini.
Terimakasih sangat kepada mas Dharmawan Handonowarih dan Enrico Halim :)