December 28, 2010

cardboard frenzy part 2

oh saya sungguh senang sekali. bermain-main dengan kardus indomi XD

Azreen, the talented Malaysian illustrator asked me to join her project of Nutcracker and Ballerina :D Here's my submission : (can't wait to see the other artists' pieces XD)

Marker outlines. I'm currently into babooshkas, and since the Nutcracker tale is originally from Russia, here it is :)

Added some colours to make it prettier

Experimenting with bokeh in Photoshop. Not very sure about this. Edited or non-edited version? Which one do you prefer? :D

December 24, 2010


And may God bless us everyone :)

December 22, 2010

December gone too soon

It's hard to feel Christmas spirit with deadlines around -_-"
But these made my Christmas this year :D

A bunch of Christmas cards from friends all over the world! XD

Postcards from the talented Lauren Carney

Cute Christmas card from Audelia Agustine

A beautiful hand-drawn card by my buddy blogger, Sara :D

Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving a handwritten Christmas card :D

A surprise gift from my best friend Jeannie Lesmanawati, an Orla Kiely travel journal yay! XD

This is also from my best friend Betty, what's Christmas without a gingerbread cookie? :D

Actually i'm beginning to feel a bit sad that today is already Dec 24, only 6 days left of December. Without any special reason, December has been my favourite month every year. Well maybe because you can feel holiday spirit dangling in the air :p

Today and tomorrow i'm going to have a break from work. Last year i have to work on Christmas and New Year, am not going to repeat the same mistake this year :p *what, what deadlines?* :))

Have a joyful Christmas and a happy holiday everyone! :D

December 17, 2010

this cold, cold town.

And thus she was born into this cold cold town, between the not-so-bright lights and colourful dreams. Just a personal work :)

Annddd, by the way, we have a giveaway winner here! :D There were 16 comments, i will list the names below from the first one commenting on the post to the last, hope i don't miss anyone :)

1. Andi Lia
2. Sam
3. Kartika Paramita (karena komennya masuk dobel aku itung satu aja ya :D)
4. Aphrodita Wibowo
5. Lia
6. Amalia K
7. Thisisrizka
8. Perez
9. Debtstvnie (ini juga komennya masuk dobel aku itung satu aja ya :D)
10. Paramita Vidia
11. Wulandari
12. Abigail Angela
13. Feliciana Lentini
14. Josephine
15. Raras
16. Yola > ini khusus karena kesalahan teknis dia ndak bisa komen di blog, tapi udah kirim private message buat sayah :D

I wrote the numbers on pieces of paper and ask my sister to pick one with her eyes closed XD
and we have...*drumroll* number 5 as the winner! :D

Mbak Lia, please send your postal address to :D
And thank you for all of you that have participated :D

December 13, 2010

cardboard frenzy and another giveaway :)

I'm currently in love with cardboards XD Had tons of fun drawing on them hehe! :D
*anak kampung norak dapet mainan baru* hihihi

Babooshkas are always fun to draw! :D

It's Christmas season so say hi to the little drummer boy and his sheep :)
This is a gift for a friend

Owls. Never got bored of them. Strange.

A huge strawberry jelly, surely will make your Christmas jolly! :D
The original artwork of this one was also sent to a friend, i hope she'll be happy receiving it XD

And last but not least, not a manekineko but....maneki usagi! (Because 2011 is the year of rabbit, so let this maneki usagi brings prosperity to all of you!) haha :p

I reprint this one as a New Year postcard. And guess what...i'm feeling generous at this last time of the year! :D I'm gonna send this along with the Overlapping Memories postcard series to one lucky person commenting on this post. This time, i'll pick randomly :D Oh and please drop your email also on the comment so i can contact you easily for the postal address :)

I'll be waiting until December 18th :)

December 05, 2010

giveaway oh giveaway (CLOSED) :)

Hello! :D

I'm going to do a giveaway like other good bloggers do :D hehehhehe
I have 5 set containing 5 different designs of Christmas cards to be sent to the first five person commenting on this post. No, you don't have to be a follower or spread the word about the giveaway :)
I'll wait until Dec 8th and send the 5 package on Dec 9th :)

All you have to do is send the cards to your beloved ones, just for the sake of reminiscing the feeling when you receive a hand-written Christmas card in an envelope with stamps in your mailbox :D

When was the last time you receive or send one? :D
(Oh well anyway it's up to you if you want to send it or not anyway hehehe :D)

And i'm really sorry, but this giveaway is just for friends who reside in Indonesia, because it'll take too long to ship the cards overseas you wouldn't have the chance to send it to others before Christmas day :(

But, for friends overseas, i also have 10 blank Christmas cards i'd love to send to you! :)
So, 10 people who wants to receive a Christmas card from me (is there? anyone?), just drop your full address to :D
i'd be more than glad to send the cards to you :D

Here's a sneak peek *actually i'm not really satisfied with the print quality but oh well :(*

you could also purchase the cards, Christmas envelopes and shopping bags on your nearest bookstores :D Thanks Capricorn Publishing! :)

December 03, 2010

planned to be a family tree :)

We started December with another mural yay! :D
Our client, Risna and Angga, wants to paint their daughter's room with a tree and animals around it. And since Angga is a photographer, they want to be able to stick family pictures on the tree. So this is what we came up with :)

yummy colours look alot like smoothies sometimes i can't resist to lick them :p

my partner in crime :)

oh yeah owls and monkeys are always the mandatories

We named this monkey "Osaru"

And the bat is called by the name "Vladimir", and the bunny trio are "Pierre, Ellie and Jean Louise" :p

This is Draco Malfoy the owl hahah

On the left edge, there's Soffia Coppola the elephant, Bung Karno the chameleon, and Shugo the lion. Please don't ask where the names come from. We just thought they're...cute. no? :D

(oh and the foxie foxes are known by the name "Mpo" and "Joko" :))

hurrah! :D

a big, special thanks to Audelia Agustine :)

spark your December...

.....with the Sparkapolooza's giveaway! :D woohoo!
Check the details here :D

And be sure to join the fun in their latest brief, it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas! :D

Entries close on Thursday, 16th Dec 2010 and one lucky winner will be picked randomly, open for international readers as well.

So what are you waiting for? :)

December 01, 2010

a confession

Some people ask, why my drawings are twisted. No, i'm not trying to build a different image of me amongst other illustrators. Well, if you must know the truth, i have so many darkness inside me. Too many that i have to let them out or they'll start killing me slowly from the inside.

.......i hope you're all still my friends after reading this *puppy eyes* :)
oh and by the way, happy December! Christmas is on it's way :D

day 30 - finale :)

phew! akhirnya kelar juga :D trimakasih banyak buat dukungannya ya! Dan makasih buat mbak Lala yang udah ngajak ikutan proyek ini! :D

In some ways, doing this challenge has kept me sane this last 30 days :)