December 22, 2010

December gone too soon

It's hard to feel Christmas spirit with deadlines around -_-"
But these made my Christmas this year :D

A bunch of Christmas cards from friends all over the world! XD

Postcards from the talented Lauren Carney

Cute Christmas card from Audelia Agustine

A beautiful hand-drawn card by my buddy blogger, Sara :D

Nothing can beat the feeling of receiving a handwritten Christmas card :D

A surprise gift from my best friend Jeannie Lesmanawati, an Orla Kiely travel journal yay! XD

This is also from my best friend Betty, what's Christmas without a gingerbread cookie? :D

Actually i'm beginning to feel a bit sad that today is already Dec 24, only 6 days left of December. Without any special reason, December has been my favourite month every year. Well maybe because you can feel holiday spirit dangling in the air :p

Today and tomorrow i'm going to have a break from work. Last year i have to work on Christmas and New Year, am not going to repeat the same mistake this year :p *what, what deadlines?* :))

Have a joyful Christmas and a happy holiday everyone! :D

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