December 03, 2010

planned to be a family tree :)

We started December with another mural yay! :D
Our client, Risna and Angga, wants to paint their daughter's room with a tree and animals around it. And since Angga is a photographer, they want to be able to stick family pictures on the tree. So this is what we came up with :)

yummy colours look alot like smoothies sometimes i can't resist to lick them :p

my partner in crime :)

oh yeah owls and monkeys are always the mandatories

We named this monkey "Osaru"

And the bat is called by the name "Vladimir", and the bunny trio are "Pierre, Ellie and Jean Louise" :p

This is Draco Malfoy the owl hahah

On the left edge, there's Soffia Coppola the elephant, Bung Karno the chameleon, and Shugo the lion. Please don't ask where the names come from. We just thought they're...cute. no? :D

(oh and the foxie foxes are known by the name "Mpo" and "Joko" :))

hurrah! :D

a big, special thanks to Audelia Agustine :)


  1. I love your murals! They are so much fun... I want a little fox like these in my room! tehe

  2. cecil...mau dong diajakin ngecat bareng :D
    kamu sungguh mengispirasiku!!!

  3. hooooowwwww cuuuteeeee ceciiilllll!!!
    ajarin mural dooong!

  4. eh, warnanya Cecil banget!
    Suka......kartun-kartun lucu dengan warna soft. Digambar di tembok yang luas dan bikin stop-motion lucu nih, hihihihi

  5. cil... big thanx...!!!Soffia Coppola & Bung Karno ada di dinding berdampingan...? hihihiii

  6. draco malfoy!!!!!!!!!
    mau!!!!! T^T

    sekarang C bersama B? <3
    bukannya partner in crime-nya kurang 1? ^^


  7. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah why didnt i think of thiss? mau dongggg lagi :D

  8. wow! i want this for my baby room. uber cute!

  9. waaa maaf baru sempet reply...makasih semuanyaaaa XD

    @ mbak Amesh : yukkkk...hahaha si kurcaci masih baik-baik saja kah? Aku kawatir cuacanya ujan panas ujan panas gini moga-moga dia gak kenapa2 yah XD

    @ Alaya : hehe asikkk just drop me a message kalo mau yahhh ^^ barusan mampir liat blognya...kenal Gina juga ya? :D

  10. napa aku baru liat ya... SUKAAAAA !!!!