December 28, 2010

cardboard frenzy part 2

oh saya sungguh senang sekali. bermain-main dengan kardus indomi XD

Azreen, the talented Malaysian illustrator asked me to join her project of Nutcracker and Ballerina :D Here's my submission : (can't wait to see the other artists' pieces XD)

Marker outlines. I'm currently into babooshkas, and since the Nutcracker tale is originally from Russia, here it is :)

Added some colours to make it prettier

Experimenting with bokeh in Photoshop. Not very sure about this. Edited or non-edited version? Which one do you prefer? :D


  1. I love these! Your nutcracker piece really has the feel of traditional Russian art! I like both edited an unedited. The edited feels "shinier" like a Christmas card, but the unedited shows off your delicate designs better.

    P.S. I have Russian wooden ornaments that look EXACTLY like your little buildings in the Nutcracker piece!

  2. hihiihi, kalo penampakannya sih mnurutku bagusan yg udah diedit :D, lebih colorfull
    tp aslinya jg udah bagus sih *gak konsisten

  3. likkkkeeeee!! :)

    i prefer the colour version but i like keeping it simple so i like the non edited version. tapi gw doang kali yah, less is more always does it for me heheh.

    hope you've had a nice xmas cei, and happy new year too!! mwah!
    gw ga pulang nih maybe next year :)

  4. ahaha thanks all! :D
    well i suppose it depends on our personal taste eh? i personally like the non-edited one, but still, after a second, third, fourth thought, insecurities started building up and i was like "maybe i should add something more...". In short, i sometimes don't know when to stop haha :p do you often feel like that too or it's just me? :)

  5. dua-duanya lucuu :) seandainya dibuat versi besarnya untuk dipajang pasti keren ;)

  6. bagus smua :)...cil, lo mau ga gua bayar les-in gua gambar???? mau? mau? mau gaaaa??!!! mau dong :D

  7. These are beautiful!! The design are wonderful!

  8. both are good. but i prefer to non edited. look natural, feels like the pict have a magic.

  9. lady these pictures are glorious!
    you talented being!
    I just love them.

    What I was really dropping by to tell you, is that I am so grateful and delighted in my beautiful christmas bundle you sent me a few weeks back!
    I opened it up on christmas eve and it really and truthfully made my day!
    you are such a lovely person, and I wasn't expecting that at all!

    I have your pretty post cards up on my wall, and wrote on a few and sent them to family relatives (my nan being one!)

    Thank you so much cece! you are just lovely!

  10. @ Lauren : hi! Glad you like it :D No problem, it's a swap for your postcards too! :D
    happy new year and hope you have a great year ahead :D

  11. ah ceria semua. mau yang versi kelam donk :D

  12. Yang nggak diedit!
    Kardus memang bagus mampus ya cecil:D

  13. OMG! i love love love your art work. ada di jual ga? bisa dibeli dimana? please contact me at thx :)

  14. the one with bokeh is AWESOME !!