February 25, 2011


Because it is always better to have scars than to have a slowly rotting wound inside :)

-cecillia hidayat-

February 24, 2011

dasar anak kampung :p

Kertas kadoku masuk print and pattern! yay! :D *penting abis* :))

February 19, 2011

the best time for doodling...

...is in the middle of a meeting :p

Anjing kuping belah pinggir itu kopiraitnya Uci Galuh Kesumanjati XD
manis sekali ya :D Telinganya dua-duanya berada di belahan kepala yang sama heheheh :D

February 12, 2011

love and hate

A short story i made about 3 years ago, remade for this year's valentine! :D Happy lovey dovey day everyone! :)

February 10, 2011

and we wish to surrender to summers :D

A year postponed trip, and nearly cancelled again for the second time, but thanks to Uci Galuh Kesumanjati, i had an amazing 10 days exploring Thailand.

Got lost in Phuket, Phi Phi, Krabi, Bangkok, Amphawa, and found new friends and lessons along the way :) Backpacking with a very low budget and earned a priceless experience :)

I will try to share the full stories with you all, but it surely gonna take quite some time, so enjoy the pictures first! :D

Yes there supposed to be 4 people on the team :(

Attacked by fishes at Mosquito Island! XD

New friends on Phi Phi trip

The overrated Maya Bay.
Too bad the weather was a bit cloudy so i couldn't really feel like Leonardo di Caprio hahah XD

Fire dance!

best pad thai restaurant in Phi Phi!

The beautiful Tup Islands in Krabi

dua dakocan berpetualang! :D

Noppharat beach

Lard Yai restaurant in Phuket old town. Very cute interior, almost like a vintage toys museum, good food, reasonable price, nice people. 8 out of 10 stars :)

True :)

Wat Phra Kaew

Colourful skirt on a happy sunny day! me want! >.<

Very nice guesthouse at Amphawa, a hidden paradise near Bangkok

Amphawa. I love every little details of this little town :D

Vintage snack and toys shop euphoria! XD

The sun never fail to make every pictures perfect! :D

These fat, grilled oysters are only 25 baht per 6 piece. nomnomnom!

Sunset at Amphawa. The sun was dangling low, and with the boat sounds and Malayan songs for the background music, i nearly melt down and cry.

Look at the sunset. God almighty.

Come on admit it you're drooling now :p

Vintage tin toys and masks shop. I feel like Kenji in 20th century boys XD

Unique hawkers all around Bangkok.

Surely will be back sometime in the future. I miss Amphawa already :( In the meantime, let's go to work again :) Work hard and travel harder! :D