October 30, 2010


Choppa San the butcher, accidentally chopped his beloved pet dog, Bradwurst, for he thought it was an oversized sausage. ouch.

Let's do the skeleton dance! Hands up! Happy Halloween everyone! XD

October 26, 2010

positive energy for Indonesia

Indonesia is devastated. Merapi's explosion, tsunami in Mentawai, those two devastating events happened at the same time, made our problems here in Jakarta (yes, those damn flood and traffic jams) seem so small compared to theirs in Jogjakarta and West Sumatra.

My heart goes to they who lost their families and homes :(
And suddenly i'm scared by the fact that life is so fragile.
All the money we donate wouldn't make their beloved ones back. I can't imagine how if it's happening here. To our homes. Our friends. Our families. To us.

If you want to look at a different perspective, catasthrophes, on the funny side, can unite us all, no matter who we are, we are united as the citizen of the earth :)
Even when we could only do small things, like donating or praying, small as it may seem, but i believe, even the smallest positive energy would do the smallest healing. So let us say a little prayer and do whatever we can to help the victims. Spread the positive energy. I believe Indonesia will rise again. And when the time has passed, we can look back and say with pride, that Indonesia, is indeed, a strong country :)

Come on guys at least we can spread the information :)

Here's some information for donation posts :

Tobucil & Klabs
Jl. Aceh 56 Bandung t/f 022 4261548
senin s/d minggu, pk. 09.00 s/d 20.00
perkembangan informasi bisa di pantau di http://tobucil.blogspot.com/

Untuk daftar posko bantuan di wilayah lain dan bantuan yang diperlukan, silahkan buka tautan:

1. Donasi Bencana Umum, Bank Mandiri KCP Jakarta Krakatau Steel, no. rek 070-00-0011601-7, a.n Palang Merah Indonesia

2. Donasi Bencana Umum, BRI KC Jakarta Pancoran, no.rek 0390-01-000030-3, a.n Palang Merah Indonesia

3. Donasi Bencana Umum, BCA KCU Sudirman, no rek 035.311223.3, a.n Kantor Pusat Palang Merah Indonesia

October 25, 2010

Bukan Bora bora

...tapi kami sungguh gembira! XD
Weekend getaway ke Pulau Bira dan sekitarnya, sungguh luar biasa! :D

Pulau Dolphin! Debes! XD

Best snorkeling spot : Pulau Bintang Besar

Best sunset spot : Pulau Kayu Angin Bira

Best leyeh-leyeh spot : Pulau Macan Kecil :D

October 18, 2010

celepuk goler-goleran :D

Mural job again yaaaay :D it's kinda addictive, doing murals XD
Collaborating with the client himself Piqopiq! :D
Thanks a ton to Opiq and Tania, and also Pikar Pikir and Uci Galuh Kesumanjati :D
A few snapshots by Uci:
Yes! berhasil mengecat kelima jari kaki Opik sehingga terlihat apik! :D

Check the video by Opiq here :

Baby's Room Mural Painting from Muhammad Taufiqurrakhman on Vimeo.

Kapan-kapan lagi yah Pik! ^^

PS : kenapa namanya celepuk goler-goleran, terlalu panjang untuk diceritakan hehehehe pokonya kedengerannya lucu :p

October 14, 2010

C/M/Y/K in B/W

Actually i did these comic strips about a year ago. I was asked to join this interesting project by Rangga Sastrowardoyo, along with Denny Kunil Kuswantoro and several other people i didn't have a clue about :p

The brief was simple. We had to choose one colour out of blue, red, yellow, green, (i forgot how many colours were there on the brief :p sorry) and made a comic strips in BLACK and WHITE, portraying the colour we picked. Sounds like tons of fun, right? :D

So I picked one.
The plan was to compile the comic strips together and published them as an indie comic. But yeah as cliche as it sounds, we didn't find the time to finish it and the files were laying forgotten on the bottom of our drawers.

I just found them last week and thought at least i'd publish them here :) So here's mine. Can you guess what colour i picked? guess guess guess! :D

October 11, 2010

what happened on 10.10.10

What else but Pasar seni ITB! :D Woo hoo! :D
Rame, susah jalan, kedorong-dorong kayak ngantri busway, panas terik. Tapi eniwei, hepi! :D

October 04, 2010

Kamar feat Vantiani

We had a great weekend in Gandaria City! Thanks for all who came to our booth :D
And especially thanks to the Mahaguru Pompom *hihihi* a.k.a Miss Vantiani. I personally had tons of fun doing collaboration and sharing stories with her, not to count the melt-in-your-mouth cheesecake she bought for us! :D

Makasih ya Ika, untuk kolaborasinya, cerita-ceritanya, dan terutama, confidence-boosternya :D
I'm looking forward to "bikin-bikin" with you again! :D

Radio gaga(l) :p dari kerdus indomie

Meet the talented Vantiani! :D

Lapak kami :D hehehe

Irresistible notebooks by Vitarlenology

Rockin ROCKinc!

Everyone hail Your highness Pink Panther with his pink umbrella, one vintage red telephone and a bottle of Absolut Vodka in hand.

Tweinz by ApBestari. Gilak keren bangetttt :D

Oh yeah love needs money, you moron. :p

Racun Cinta, siap meracuni dompet anda! Hati-hati!: D

Pompompom nomnomnom! :D

Pikar the pompom boy :D

Juragan satu sibuk bikin pompom, juragan dua sibuk ngetwit cara bikin pompom! :D

3 pompom manis yang lahir di hari Sabtu :D

Abis berpompom, asiknya bikin kolase! :D

Kolaborasi pertama bareng Ika! Sungguh senaaang :D