October 14, 2010

C/M/Y/K in B/W

Actually i did these comic strips about a year ago. I was asked to join this interesting project by Rangga Sastrowardoyo, along with Denny Kunil Kuswantoro and several other people i didn't have a clue about :p

The brief was simple. We had to choose one colour out of blue, red, yellow, green, (i forgot how many colours were there on the brief :p sorry) and made a comic strips in BLACK and WHITE, portraying the colour we picked. Sounds like tons of fun, right? :D

So I picked one.
The plan was to compile the comic strips together and published them as an indie comic. But yeah as cliche as it sounds, we didn't find the time to finish it and the files were laying forgotten on the bottom of our drawers.

I just found them last week and thought at least i'd publish them here :) So here's mine. Can you guess what colour i picked? guess guess guess! :D


  1. cil, keren bangeeet!! you should really start making comics! *ketimbang manga2 tiruan itu* :D
    tapi eh, rada ga ngerti....warnanya apaan ya? kuning?

  2. thanks La! :D hahaha gw gak cocok bikin komik, pertamanya aja semangat, udah halaman ketiga gitu udah eneg :p hihi iyaaaa benaar kuniiing XD ini desperate banget udah gak tau mo bikin apa yang mewakili kuning :))

  3. penyakit aja ... ada kan yang kuning????

  4. yellow yellow yellow...
    we are livin in yellow submarine !!!

    jiaaaah...tu anak ayam nasibnya apes banget dari lahir ya,hehe...


  5. @ Aldiman : er...maksudnya penyakit?
    @ Dita : hahaha benaaarrr :D iyalah ya kamu kan Beatles freak pasti notice yellow submarine nya hihihi ^^

  6. HOLI MOLIIIII! cecil ini lucuh sekaliiiih! X"D
    ayam bermata belo hwahahahaahaa

  7. huahuhuhu!!! keren bangetttt!
    *ngefans berattttt*

  8. @ Tatiana : hahaha ayam otis :p
    @ Ayang : waa makasih yaaaa...sini juga ngefans sama cocomomo nya XD

  9. I absolutely love it! I'm going to take a big guess for yellow! Your chick character is darling, and I love the style that all of these panels are drawn in. I also love the texture you've added to them.

  10. @ Sara : yessss you're right, have a cyber hug as a prize! :D