October 18, 2010

celepuk goler-goleran :D

Mural job again yaaaay :D it's kinda addictive, doing murals XD
Collaborating with the client himself Piqopiq! :D
Thanks a ton to Opiq and Tania, and also Pikar Pikir and Uci Galuh Kesumanjati :D
A few snapshots by Uci:
Yes! berhasil mengecat kelima jari kaki Opik sehingga terlihat apik! :D

Check the video by Opiq here :

Baby's Room Mural Painting from Muhammad Taufiqurrakhman on Vimeo.

Kapan-kapan lagi yah Pik! ^^

PS : kenapa namanya celepuk goler-goleran, terlalu panjang untuk diceritakan hehehehe pokonya kedengerannya lucu :p


  1. apa ada saudara dengan surilam enjot-enjotan?haha... seruuuuuu :p

  2. goodworks cecil... btw emailin aku nomernya arie ya, my bb has broken hehehee thx

  3. Hi! \o/
    Wow, really awesome drawing and final result (really mind-blowing and super cute)!
    I've bee following our blog for quite ome time now, ad just now got the guts to write a comment LOL
    So, what is the name of the second song? (it has gotten stuck in my mind, and I have to hear it more and more and more...)
    And first you used pecil to redraw it in the wall and then you painted it for real?
    Anyway, thanks... sorry for the huge text and questions..and keep up the work, always cool!

  4. Hi Lucas! :D
    oh wow thanks a lot! :D
    The second song is "The Owls go" by Architecture in Helsinki :D great band, cute songs ^^
    Yep, i used chalk actually, because pencil scratch sometimes leave marks on the wall :D