December 17, 2010

this cold, cold town.

And thus she was born into this cold cold town, between the not-so-bright lights and colourful dreams. Just a personal work :)

Annddd, by the way, we have a giveaway winner here! :D There were 16 comments, i will list the names below from the first one commenting on the post to the last, hope i don't miss anyone :)

1. Andi Lia
2. Sam
3. Kartika Paramita (karena komennya masuk dobel aku itung satu aja ya :D)
4. Aphrodita Wibowo
5. Lia
6. Amalia K
7. Thisisrizka
8. Perez
9. Debtstvnie (ini juga komennya masuk dobel aku itung satu aja ya :D)
10. Paramita Vidia
11. Wulandari
12. Abigail Angela
13. Feliciana Lentini
14. Josephine
15. Raras
16. Yola > ini khusus karena kesalahan teknis dia ndak bisa komen di blog, tapi udah kirim private message buat sayah :D

I wrote the numbers on pieces of paper and ask my sister to pick one with her eyes closed XD
and we have...*drumroll* number 5 as the winner! :D

Mbak Lia, please send your postal address to :D
And thank you for all of you that have participated :D


  1. This is stunning. I love the girl's pose and expression. The colors and all of the details in the city are so beautiful. I love how you've drawn the trees and the rooftops!

  2. what giveaway? aaaaah aku telaaaaaaaat!

  3. hehehehe untung lo ga ikut mesh...ntar lo lagi yang hoki :D aduh gua hoki banget :D hore hore hore

  4. waaa... congrats ya buat Ka Lia..

    buat Ka Cecil, im looking forward to the next giveaway yaa :D

    *keep being inspirational, SEMANGAT! *

  5. waw..ada giveaway..sayangnya terlambat :D
    salam kenal yah :)

  6. dear cecilia,

    i know your blog from perez and your pieces are beyond good.
    should i ever have baby or cafe or anything, i cross my finger and hope that you'll be the one who light it up with your paintings. It's all amazing and heart warming.

    nice to know you yah cil :)

  7. @ Gogo Caroselle : wow thanks your comment has just made my day :) i'd be glad to! :D just drop me a message :) nice to know you too :D