December 13, 2010

cardboard frenzy and another giveaway :)

I'm currently in love with cardboards XD Had tons of fun drawing on them hehe! :D
*anak kampung norak dapet mainan baru* hihihi

Babooshkas are always fun to draw! :D

It's Christmas season so say hi to the little drummer boy and his sheep :)
This is a gift for a friend

Owls. Never got bored of them. Strange.

A huge strawberry jelly, surely will make your Christmas jolly! :D
The original artwork of this one was also sent to a friend, i hope she'll be happy receiving it XD

And last but not least, not a manekineko but....maneki usagi! (Because 2011 is the year of rabbit, so let this maneki usagi brings prosperity to all of you!) haha :p

I reprint this one as a New Year postcard. And guess what...i'm feeling generous at this last time of the year! :D I'm gonna send this along with the Overlapping Memories postcard series to one lucky person commenting on this post. This time, i'll pick randomly :D Oh and please drop your email also on the comment so i can contact you easily for the postal address :)

I'll be waiting until December 18th :)


  1. Awww, they're all soo cute!
    Especially the maneki usagi...never seen such a cute creature before!

  2. They all look great - especially the thick black outlines with the painterly white line outside. Great job!

  3. ka cecil, i like your drawing so damn much!! :D
    what is cardboard,actually?? because it seems an easy-drawing place..... where did you get it anyway??

    FYI, i wanna do the mural painting in this Christmas and New Year's holiday.. soooo, teach me ya ka cecil :D

    ps: i LOVE the Babooshkas and the maneki usagi drawing, sooo lovely :)

    **KEEP DRAWING ya ka cecil! SEMANGAT**

  4. year of rabbit...yay...i like usagi :)
    win win win *cross finger*


  5. me me me me meeee please pick MEEEEE

  6. Waduh, anak kampung, Ce? Kampung mana nih? Kok karyanya keren banget??? Hehehe... Seriously, I LOVE them! That owl looks as if he's ready to hoot!! oxox

  7. whoaaa, I'm craving for the owl! c'est magnifique!

  8. Maumaumaumaumaumaumaumaumau!!!!
    eh, aq boleh kan ya minta satu lagi :)
    yg owl lucu deh!!!!

    bdw itu kardus bukan si? *maap gak tau

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  10. Yang babooshka sama owl lucu banget, Kak :D
    aku mau ya satu, kalo boleh hehe :p

  11. heeyyy.. I love your work!!
    I live in the US but my sister works in Jakarta. Was hoping to get one of your works and have it sent to her as a surprise :)

  12. I feel lucky!I hope that random machine will pick me..amen.I love your doodling dear cecil.inspiring !

  13. Fans baru nih. Hehehe. Karyanya keren-keren sekalii..


  14. my email (i forgot to type it)

  15. Ini.....bagus banget :')

  16. gosh keren banget! :D
    aku selalu terinspirasi sama gambar kakak yang super imut dan gemesin hehe :p

    domba yg bareng little drummer imut banget :$

    my email:

    josephine :)

  17. ceciiiiiil dari apa itu bikinnya? bagus banget. oiya kmrn masuk spice ya? hehehe congrats!

  18. thank you for the comments, all! will pick the winner tomorrow :D
    buat yang nanya, ini dari kardus hahahaha kardus bekas indomi gitu loh, daripada nyampah mending digambarin :p

    @ Raras : eh yang beberapa bulan lalu ya Spice nya?

  19. yang ada cover nya mis universe itu kak. hehehe aku cm pinjem dr temen.

  20. paling baru kok kak, yang ada cover mis universenya. *cuma numpang baca punya temen. hehehehe

  21. I love them all so much! And the maneki usagi made me giggle - what a cutie! Cardboard is lucky when its in your house, tehe.

  22. 私ほしい!!!♥,♥ what a talented girl, superduper love it. please send it to me,it's been cold out here :p