December 01, 2010

a confession

Some people ask, why my drawings are twisted. No, i'm not trying to build a different image of me amongst other illustrators. Well, if you must know the truth, i have so many darkness inside me. Too many that i have to let them out or they'll start killing me slowly from the inside.

.......i hope you're all still my friends after reading this *puppy eyes* :)
oh and by the way, happy December! Christmas is on it's way :D


  1. I like a dark twist to art. :) That's why I always favor the original creepy fairy tales to the ones that are animated for young children. I mean, if the evil stepmother doesn't die in some brutal macabre way, what's the point? mwahaha

  2. I think twisted is good for art ;)
    After all, we all have darkness inside, don't we?
    Guess that's what make us human...