January 01, 2011

It’s 2011 :)
Just another ordinary day, actually :) It’s just that we humans have a need to review our lives every year, and list down hopes and resolutions, and January 1st had been chosen to mark this moment :)

Spent the New year’s eve with some close friends, going to movies, eating out, and having fun at Bundaran HI, joining hundreds of Jakarta people in a firework euphoria, which dissolved instantly with the last firework vanishing in the sky. Poof! and suddenly it’s a normal day again :)

I’m proud to say that i survived 2010 :)
There were ups and downs, achievements and disappointments, all the unpredictable moments, and here i am, still living and breathing normally and blogging on the first day of 2011 :D And i’m really thankful for that.

If i had this turning-back-the-time supernatural ability, i would play the happy moments over and over and rewind some moments to be fixed here and there, and maybe even pause some moments i would love to live in forever. I would’ve done this, I would’ve done that, I should’ve be here, I should’ve be there, I shouldn’t say this, I shouldn’t say that, and the list goes on and on.
But sadly i don’t have such power :) Life goes on and all i can do is trying to keep my pace steady so i wouldn’t stumble to the ground.

I give up making resolutions this year, because basically, my resolution every year is a cliche, to be a better person, which, i do hope, i have accomplished this year :p A friend once quoting Woody Allen to me, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans” :)

What will be 2011 like? I don’t know. Whether it’s gonna be a good year or a bad one, let us live to the fullest, have regrets and satisfactions, feel bitter and sweet, happy and sad, be simple and complicated, because all of these make us human. Let’s hope we can survive one more year, together :)

Happy new year everyone! :)

Dalam diriku mengalir
sungai panjang
darah namanya

Dalam diriku menggenang
telaga darah
sukma namanya

Dalam diriku meriak
gelombang sukma
hidup namanya

Dan karena hidup itu indah
Aku menangis

(Sapardi Djoko Damono)


  1. Ce-i!!! I love this post too! Yes, yes, having regrets is also part of being human :) Life is sweet!!!

  2. i re-read it. grammarnya ancur gilak. Les-in gw dong Ket! :D

  3. I love that Woody Allen quote! I also love your piece... from my blog feed I thought it was a family tree style image, and then I saw it big and noticed the little head on the ground and nearly died laughing! tehehe

  4. Slamat tahun baru!!!!
    be survive ya!!!
    bdw, aq selalu seneng ngliat gambar bikinanmu (walo sadis) kamu ngeliatin kenyataan tp dg gambar-gambar lucu

  5. perfekto cecil! <3
    smoga di taun 2011 cecil smakin psiko dan terus berkarya dengan luar biasah!!!

  6. Hahaha... Grammar penting tapi bukan yang paling penting. Yah yang penting yang baca bisa ngerti lah, hahaha... Wah kalo belajar grammar musti dari buku2 toefl... Gua juga ga jagoan, hihihi...

  7. hai mbak cecil...
    gambar2nya kereennn skali...
    salam kenal ya ^^
    ijin memfollow & ngelink di blog saya ya ?!!?

  8. happy new year friendsss *group hug*
    @ Sari : waaa makasih yaa :D

  9. aaaaa baru bacaaaa bagus banget. apalagi penutupnya pake puisi :D

    selamat tahun baru ya kak

  10. hihi..baru baca :) happy new year juga yah..
    illustrasinya oke banget :p

  11. Poof and back to normal again... Yep i felt it too... 2011 gw punya pr banyak utk project project kt hahahaha....