January 24, 2011

fruity bubbly happy :D

Latest work for Zwitsal. Not really my style of illustration, a bit manga-ish, but turned out i kinda like the result though :)

Agency : Draft FCB Indonesia
Art directors: Mia Warbung, Anggia Esti Winahyu

Special thanks to Ridward Ongsano for referring me to the team :)


  1. wuiiii slamat yaaaaaa
    eh eh...bdw itu gambar kamu dipake buat iklan ato kemasan produknya juga? pengen liat deh yg udah dipublish

  2. iya gayanya bukan gaya cecil...still cute tho.. :)

  3. @ Dita : makasih yaa :)
    @ Grandis : buat iklan di majalah bobo gitu hehehe akupun blum liat jadinya kayak apa hahaha :))

    @ Ella : haha iya agak susah nyamain style nya pas bikin :p

  4. I love these! They are different from your own style, but I can definitely still see the playful Cecillia in them!

    (P.S. It's VERY late - sorry - but I finally posted some pictures of your card on my blog here: http://saralynnart.blogspot.com/2011/01/coolest-thing-ever.html)