January 16, 2011

shit happens and life goes on.

Okay *inhaling deeply*

First of all, i'm really sorry to break my own promise to post a new artwork. This one would be another rant. But i'll make it short. It's just that i have to spit it out to feel better :)

So, 2 days ago, an epic shit happened. We're supposed to have a 3-days big event, after months of hardwork, but the event got canceled. On the D-day. Yes on the D-day. When everyone were ready. When the spirits were high. When everything were set. And just half an hour before the opening, the venue's owner canceled it all. zap. all. No negotiation. We just stood numb and could do nothing about it.

People were mad and dissapointed. There were more than 70 tenants and bands have to pack their things back. But all the protests and anger couldn't change the fact that our event has been cancelled. I, myself, funnily did not feel anything. It was just like somebody has drained all the energy out of me, but i didn't feel any emotion at all. I was concerned more about my friend who was in charge of the event and had worked a thousand time harder than i was preparing this event. I couldn't imagine how he felt at that time.

And now all we have is this mess to be taken care of. Luckily many people keep supporting us, thanks guys you know who you are :) And yesterday, a quote keep playing over and over in my head, it was once said by my friend, Uci :

"Terpeleset itu sakit. Namun bodoh kalau kita tidak mau bangkit. Masa mau jalan ngesot?" :)

I can't translate it properly but i think it goes like this more or less:
"It hurts to fall down on the floor. But it's stupid if you don't want to stand up again. What are you going to do? crawling?" *um, don't think "crawl" is the exact translation but couldn't find a better one than that* :p

Okay so let's stand up and get on with your life. Shit happens, yet life goes on :)
Have a nice day everyone! gambatte! :)


  1. i once heard this good quote from my friend, and i think this is a good situation to use:

    "everything will work out in the end. and if it doesn't work out, it's not the end."

    so hang in there ce-i and i know you'll have a bigger better event, so stay tuned! hugs x

  2. that's a really good one La, thanks a lot! *hug back*

  3. sorry to hear that Cil. kebayang gondoknya...ga ada ganti rugi waktu dan tenaga, lagi. :(

  4. ih gila ya, ngancel ajara pas hari h, busyet bikin gondok bgd pasti ya, ksian org2 yg udah pada ribet nyiapinnya. hihihi kata-kata temen kamu keren, iya, bener, kalo kpleset gak berarti mesti jalan ngesot :D

  5. Hi ci cecil, plainpaper @Da nih
    ah aku tahu pasti ini soal yg di "E" mall itu kan?
    memang nyebelin tapi gw yakin panitia bisa nemuin tempat yg lebih baik

  6. @ Ella : thanks La :) Iya, ini kita lagi berjuang minta ganti rugi, doakan berhasil yah! XD

    @ Perez : iya banget :( gapapa, pelajaran buat kita, sekarang udah pada bangun lagi kok cape ngesot terus heheheh :D

    @ Siska : hahahaha yoiiii gosip cepat sekali menyebar yah :p iya, keselnya karena mereka ngebatalin sepihak dan bikin statement di twitter bahwa ini keputusan bersama dengan panitia! >.< boong banget! Wong kita dipaksa bubar ato sekuriti turun tangan :((
    iyaaa doakan yah, rencananya bakal nyari venue baru utk bulan depan :)

  7. acara apa aku ikut dooooong.. *keluar konteks *banci event -_-"

  8. gw doain dapet venue yg lebih bagus lebih rame! cross fingers!

  9. @ mbak Amesh : hahaha acara festival jepang gitu mbak, kemaren ndak ngajak karena kynya targetnya beda, tapi nanti kalo jadi bikin aku kabari yah kali kamu tertarik :D

    @ ci Gina : tenkyuuuu we need that *hugs*

  10. ARGH!! masih sebel sama Epiwalk~!
    jadi mascotnya ini u yang buat ya cil ?