June 16, 2011

Kopi Keliling vol.3

Big thanks to Lala Bohang for asking me to join Kopi Keliling! :D It was a great honour to be amongst 10 another talented artists joining this exhibition.

I, honestly, have a very limited knowledge about coffee, and after weeks didn't have any clue of what to draw, i finally decided that my theme would be Kopi Luwak / Kopi Cirik Musang, traditional Indonesian coffee from Sumatra. I translated it literally, a scene of the civet, the best coffee maker in the woods, treats his neighbour the owl, and they will spend sleepless nights chatting over cups of coffee :D
These were made using marker on A2 linen paper.

If you do have time, please visit The Coffee and Co at Jalan Wijaya 9, the exhibition will be on June 11th- June 25th :)
And don't forget to check Kopi Keliling website for more details :D

Aaaanddd don't forget to order the tumbler at www.kopikeliling.com! :D :D


  1. gambarnya kereen!!
    salam kenal :)
    aku temennya Lala hehehe.

  2. kereeen bgt ceciiil!!!!!! CINTA BERAT!
    *sambil sirik*

  3. gambarnya kereenn..huhu pengen punya satu karyanya mba cecil ^_^

  4. @ titaz : wah makasih ya...salam kenal Titaz! :D

    @ Popok : aku juga cinta Popok mwah!

    @ Printiland : waaa aku juga suka karya-karyanya! Kita art swap aja ceritanya yuk hehehe :D