April 22, 2012


It is not for the countless deviantart subscriptions,
It is not for the supportive comments and faves,
It is not for featuring my works,
It is for the endless faith you gave me, when I myself didn’t have enough of it.
And for that, I cannot thank you enough, Mr. Samuel Philip Raffa :)
And it is one of my greatest wish, to meet you in person one day, uncle.

-Your virtual niece-


  1. I won't ever forget this, Cecil! I'll keep a pot of coffee hot for the day we eventually get to share it; meanwhile, keep doing what you're doing-- you're amazing!

  2. I love this so much, Cecil! It's as full of smarts as it is full of heart-- I can't think of a more beautiful combination than that!

  3. And i love YOU too much, uncle! *hugs*