February 05, 2013


Another project assigned by Herman Tantriady from Pomato Asia, glass painting for Dill, a new restaurant opened in Plaza Indonesia.
We came up with several ideas:

And this one is the one approved by the client:

Turned out painting acrylic on glass was....very very difficult. I was on the verge of tears the first day i painted the glass. I have to repaint 5-6 times until the colour looked solid on the surface, and i thought it would take me only a day to finish this. 

Luckily i have my best friend, Betty, to help me on the second and third day. We paint and repaint and repaint and repaint, and this is the final result. Not bad (i think) :D
I do hope the client is happy :)


  1. kereen tapi walo sambil nangis darah hihihihi

  2. aiih, gila ce, bisa ya glass dipaint acrylic, kan licin gituu... T-T

  3. iyaaaa hari pertama beneran pengen nangis karena susah banget...untung akhirnya berhasil XD