December 23, 2009

kurisumasu wo omedetou gozaimasu! ^^

this is a day early, but Merry Christmas everyone! :D Here's a "non-gore" Christmas elf for you all! :D hehehehe

i took this shot at hotel mulia senayan, they were having a chocolate exhibition back then, and i just love this chocolate santa very much ^^

oh oh and my babies here are on their way! ^^ i hope they will reach each recipients in time^^
it was fuuuunnnn making handmade cards and writing them personally. Do you remember when is the last time you receive a handwritten card? :D i dunno why but this year i really feel like doing it :D i miss when we used to greet each other using handwritten cards instead of cellphone text or facebook wall :)

hugs and kisses to all of you!


  1. Merry Christmas Cecillia!!!

    Oh, wow! Those are gooorgeous cards!

    (P.S. My card is in the mail, but I'm afraid it will get to you late!)

  2. Sara! Merry Christmas to you too! Gosh, i think mine's gonna reach you late too, Indonesian postal service is soooo lame :( i mailed it about 2 weeks ago! hahahah anyway, have a happy holiday, and thank you soooo much for the card! i can't wait to see it ^^

  3. Hi ce-i! kartunyaa lucu lucu sekaliiii XD.

  4. makasih ya Ivanaaaa ^^ merry Christmas! :D kapan2 tukeran kartu yuk lucu kynya hihihi