January 10, 2010

ágætis byrjun (a pretty good beginning)

Helloooo! :D

This is my first post on 2010! It’s very late i know, i’ve been swamped with work i even worked on Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve...boo hooo :( give me back my holidays *sniff* But oh well, i think i should be grateful i have works to do! :D

As i’ve said in my previous post, this year (okay, last year) :D i decided to do handwritten Christmas cards and sent it to my friends, which turned out to be a quite-hard-job-to-do-after-a-long-time-not-doing-it-anymore :p hehehe, but at last there were 10 cards sent! :D

And guess what, the nice people decided to sent me something back *faints*. That’s very sweet of them! You couldn’t imagine how their mails had made my day :D Araki san even kindly sent me one of her adorable petit pouch! *sniffs* She was very generous indeed, i received a beautiful pouch, two petit paper cranes and her handmade-stamped new year card! ^^ Doumo arigatou Araki San!!! :D

My blogger friend Sara Hawley sent me a cute penguin card and an original drawing of two goldfishes! :D i like the drawing so much! ^^ Receiving something handmade really made you feel special! :D

And to make my january even more perfect, my dearest friend, Glenn, bought me Mononoke Hime books by my favourite artist, Hayao Miyazaki :D i read and re-read it and couldn’t stop staring at the beautifully illustrated pages. Thank you Glenn! a super big hug for you :D

And last but not least, my friend Yuliana Kusumaningtyas sent me the wool totoro hat i ordered several months ago :D it is veryyyy cute and now i hope i’m living somewhere snowing so i can wear the hat everyday! hahahahah! I want to wear it everyday here, but in Jakarta, well, it’ not a really good idea since the days are ridiculously hottt :( gah.

Anyway, i’ve been having a delicious January so far, and i hope you fellows are all doing well too :D best of luck for all of us in 2010!

PS : couldn't stop listening to ágætis byrjun by Sigur Ros :) Check it out, people, it gives me goosebumps listening to the beautiful song and staring at the breathtaking video. I hope someday i could watch Sigur Ros live in Iceland. Please please pretty please. >.<

The package that made my day on January, 2nd, 2010 :D

beautiful pouch and card by Mai Araki :D

kawaii usagiiii ^^

little crane please grant my wishes :)

Sara's two goldfishes and a cute penguin :D

Mononoke Hime from Glenn :D

Totoroooooooooo!!!! XD


  1. you are such a lucky girl ;). come to toronto and bring along the hat with you, bet you can wear it everyday here! :)

    t ii

  2. yayyy you successfully left a comment here! :D
    thanks tua ie...hahahah i will! errr...soon :D hahahahah ^^

  3. Oh, so many beautiful things! :D I'm so glad you like the drawing, even though it is just little. :)