July 20, 2010

V is for Vantiani.

Funny, when you are swarmed by tight deadlines, the urge to do the less-important things like doodling, re-arranging things on your desk, or posting on your blog suddenly becomes irresistible :p and i must remind myself once again, spending time on design blogs doesn't count as being productive! doh! X(

Anyway, sorry for the rant, i just want to share an artwork made for the talented Miss Vantiani :)
We met last Sunday, with several-other-also-talented-people, planning some secret underground project. hahahah. no. just kidding :p will let you guys know soon :)

I hope she likes it. Tried to make a collage but not as succesful as her beautiful handmade collage postcards :D Next time will be better Ka, promise :D

Next art trade is with the famous Tatiana Romanova. Very excited and nervous at the same time :D wish me luck! :D

Okay, now i will turn my internet off and get my lazy ass to start working. See you! :)


  1. speechless padamu... hehehe:D

  2. baguuus bangeeeet! hadoh jadi makin hrohi nih mau tukeran sama dikau! :"D

  3. @ Puri : kenapaaa hahahah
    @ Tio : ayuk ayuk!!! tapi aku pasti lama bikinnya nih ndak papa yah :p hehehe
    @ Tatiana : hahahaha we take it too seriously nih lama-lama kayaknya :))

  4. hihihihi kalu bgitu kita santhaaaiii sajhaaa!
    *sembari minum es limun di bukan bazaar nanti*

  5. wahhh keyen abis deh
    master2 saling trade yaaaaaa

  6. Thank you for the art print (it looks much cooler in person!), the collage and of course those gorgeous bunch of vintage stamps, cecil!
    Let's do a collaboration piece when we have time;)


  7. Ika: thank you for the beautiful Phone Booth and the collage and the cards (banyak banget aku terharu sekali XD)
    yuk! mau banget dong collab sama Ika :D *hug back*