September 04, 2010

son of a pitch :p

It's a bit late but i still feel like posting it :) These are campaigns i helped to made for Carl's Jr pitch (yep, the one that just opened at Grand Indonesia) :)
First experience working as a copywriter instead of an art director :D

Had a great time with a great team. Thanks Herman, Andri and Dedi! Thank you for the fun-brainstorming session (nah, i have to admit that some time it was more like frustrating-no-idea-session, but we did it anyway! :D) and especially thank you for including me in this project :) Pomato rocks! :D Show some love and check their website here.

Well....we lost the pitch :) But anyway, i'm still proud of what we've done :D
Looking forward to working with you guys again :)

Poster series

Collaterals to be placed at spots all over the shopping mall

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