September 08, 2010

A walrus and a phonebooth girl in Vietnam

I've been a fan of Ika Vantiani and Tatiana Romanova since the first time i found their blogs. Imagine how i felt when they agreed to do an art trade with me! XD

Finally met these two geniuses at Bukan Bazaar last month, and look what treasures i got from them! *euphoric dance*
a girl in a phonebooth *i'm framing this!* :D

3 pieces of collage greeting cards, and one ORIGINAL collage piece XD oh

Ngaku kamu wahai perempuan pencari perhatian! :)) i love this one! :D

The Walrus and the Dancer from Nova. Also read the beautifully written yet morbid poem below the picture. Hahah seems like she already knows me so well :p Thanks a ton Nova. I hope the walrus lose in the Russian Roulette. He's so fat his meat is gonna be delicious to eat, i bet :)

It's the end of the world in a Tuesday night.
It's a dry spell on heaven and hell with no food left to bite.
Only two left on the table, the walrus and the dancer.
With a gun to decide sooner than cancer. The answer is there in their Russian roulette.
Whose fate will replace the main course's fillet.

And last but not least, my best friend Ayoe Coemi, gave me this beautiful coaster from Vietnam. Who could not fall in love with this soldier with his two pet doves :p

I just couldn't stop smiling :) *emang dasar sakit jiwa aja sih sebenernya heheheh*
And these are what i made for Ika and Nova :)