August 06, 2010

And she was called Popok ...

...when her real name is Tatiana Romanova Surya :D

Yep yep i'm talking about the famous owner of La Maison de Popa :) I was thrilled when she agreed to do an art-trade with me, and spent about 3 months confusing over what would i draw for her XD

In the end, i didn't came up with anything special, but i was into patterns and colliding colours, and thus i started the que-sera-sera work for her (okay Pok, so now that you know the story behind it, i owe you an apology...hehehe)

I'm not trying to self-defense myself, but the scanner nor the camera didn't do the picture justice :( The colours are much better in person...oh well at least i think so *blushing* :p

Met her last weekend at Bukan Bazaar, along with the other talented people :D
She was one super-nice and....ordinary girl :)) hahahah i dunno, but i kinda expected someone wearing maybe a painter beret or extraordinary outfits, since her works are extraordinarily amazing! :D

Nice to meet you Popok and hope you like the drawing :D *hugshugs*

This is the scanner version :

And these are the camera version :


  1. Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful! I love all of those different, colorful patterns. This is so joyful. <3

  2. waaaa.............baguuuus bgt....
    suka suka suka....


  3. gileey kaya gini dibilang nothing special with an apology...this is super awesome! looove it a lot lot lot lot! patternsnya sadiiis!
    makasiiii cecil saya girang sekali!!! \(^o^)/
    and true, the real colors are like waaay better than the scanner's result!
    oh and looove the lyric also! wish i really have a lollipop-colored sofa hmmmmmm :">

    *hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug hug*

  4. @ Sara & Dita : thank you girlsss :)
    @ Popok : aw aw *cubit Popok* gw tegang lho pas ngasih nya hihihi...glad you like it XD

  5. very cuteee :D you very creative love it :3

  6. cil pengeeeeeen huhuhuhu, kapan2 swap juga doonggg *_* drooling face!

  7. @ Astari : makasih yaaa :)
    @ ci Gina : ayuuuukkk mauuuuu ^^ asikasik! :D

  8. Lam kenal Cecil :)
    found u through Amesh's blog.. gosh you have such talent goin on here!
    Love your work!