August 20, 2010

diddle daddle doodle :)


  1. adoooh inih adooooh lucunyah adoooh!!!
    bikin kaosnyah dooong :"D

  2. i saw your submission for sparkapolooza, very cuttteee!! sering2 submit lagi yah! thanks for your contribution :)

  3. @ Popok: hahahah tapi lo beli selusin ya Pok!

    @ Lola : your Sparkapolooza is a very nice project! XD it kinda "force" me to be more and more productive than just staring at design blogs all day :D thanks for publishing my submission Jo and Lola! :-*

  4. i like the afro polar bear,haha....
    and for the grumpy taucan makes puri mad maybe,haha...dia kan owl freak tuh,hihi...

  5. let the zombie pig eat the toucan...please Cecil! pleaseeeeeeee! :p

  6. @ Dita (and Puri, if you read this hahah) : just ignore that jealous-attention seeker-toucan :p

    @ Arnsky : I let him eat the toucan, and now his body is full of scary boils, just found out that he's allergic to toucans you know...if he dies, i'll blame you!

  7. aaaawwwww sereeeeeeem!
    kenapa kamu menciptakan makhluk2 kejam itu!!! :D
    babi dan kelinci kanibal? owh gosh...menyeramkan!!!!

    aq suka yg toucan! "owl is so last year"--> oewsome