August 22, 2010

ringding boingboing :D

My little sister has started her handmade accessories line! :D She's an experimental beginner i must say, but what else can a big sister do except to keep supporting her :) Besides, i had so much fun snip-snapping the knicknacks she made :)

Rings and handmade necklaces and earrings available. Price ranged from IDR 15.000 - IDR 35.000 (oh well i dunno exactly, if you're interested just drop her an email at These items below are custom made, so there's only 1 stock per item. You could also order a custom made jewelries from her :)
See the complete collection here


  1. adek sama kakak kok sama hebatnya
    ck ck ck....

  2. LOVELY! I love to make yoyo necklace too.

  3. thank you all!
    @ Jo : you can email my sister at, Jo :D the necklace is sold, but she's planning to make a new one ^^
    oh, and thanks for posting my work on Sparkapolooza! *hugs*