October 01, 2009

bukaaa! bukaaa! bukaaa!

Consecutive ad made for McDonalds tactical campaign (For Ramadhan 2008)
Here in Indonesia, when it's time to break the fast, usually there's people walking around the neighbourbood, yelling "Bukaaa! Bukaaa!" to let the neighbourhood know that it's time for them to break the fast. (Buka="open" in English). So we play with the word "Buka" (means "time to break the fast" and otherwise means "open")

Creative Director : Asep Herna
Art Director : Cecillia Hidayat
Copywriter : Shinta Asrini
Graphic Designer : Ivan Adjie/ Amira Hapsari
Photographer : Henky Christianto
Digital Imaging : Heru Sucahyo

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