October 02, 2009

good morning

I wake to find the devil
sitting near my bed
we have a conversation
...and he says :

Good morning Mr. Cut-throat!
These are most exciting times...
We are surrounded by fools and crooks,
strangers that gives us dirty looks
and oh so many people to despise

It’s tearing you apart
you haven’t got the heart
I don’t mean to complain
But it seems a little strange

Good evening Mr. Turncoat!
You’ve been watching the so-called-news
No news is good news
we don’t want to confuse
the popular pursuit of absolute truth
and who has the time for such remote endeavours

You want to dissapear
How did you end up here?
I don’t mean to complain
But it seems a little strange

Take me to your leader
I sure could use some laugh
I hear he’s made a new bird feeder
and he sleeps in a bird bath

Who needs to join a circus?!?
Oh come on just look around...
we are surrounded by a bunch of f***ing clowns!

They sing lalalalalala lalalalalalala...
They all sing lalalalalala lalalalalalala..
we all sing lalalalalala lalalalalalala..
everybody sing lalalalalala lalalalalalala..

It’s tearing you apart
You haven’t got the heart
You sit there and complain
It seems a little lame

Good morning Mr. Misanthrope
I sure do hope
you remember our terms...

(Good morning-Duncan Sheik)

i’m in love with this song lately (i think the lyric is great...Mr. Duncan is such a writer :)), and had a sudden urge to draw the devil :p

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