October 20, 2009

pumpkin screams in the dead of night

Sally's lament

everybody make a scene! :D

Because this is Halloween!! :D

(Okay i know it's not Halloween yet, but i'm high spirited about it!)
These are tributes for my living legend Mr.Burton :D The figures are presents from my friend Mimin :D. It was fun snapping them and playing with the photoshop afterwards ^^


  1. all of them are so cuuutteee!! :DDD

  2. Helloooo...many thanks for the comment :D i will visit your blog soon ^^ and happy halloween! :D

  3. nice. i love the one at the middle. reminds me of our old black and white t.v., waaaaaaaaaay back when i was still a snotty little boy.

    ...well its gone now but it have served my family well :D

  4. Very nice photos! I love all of the textures...

  5. @ arno : hahaha yeah it is indeed, i meant it to be a black and white TV, somehow i feel it set the mood right :D

    @ Sara : thanks a lot Sara! :D