February 19, 2010

aal izz well...aal izz well :)

the movie that made my day :)

I've never been a fan of Indian movies actually, i always thought that the dancing and singing-in-the-rain scenes are quite annoying...blah :p

But after slumdog millionaire and 3 idiots, i take my words back :)) So go watch 3 idiots, people! :D Very very recommended :) and guess what...i started to enjoy those i-thought-to-be-cheesy dancing scenes hahahahah :))

"Give me some sunshine...give me some rain....give me another chance i want to grow up once again...."


  1. This film will have a sequel, called Too Idiot. Tim's directing.

  2. @ Stevie :......for real? (sambil menatap curiga) heheheheheh