February 04, 2010

the one-man-show-circus

Somehow i feel that working as a freelancer (especially in design/advertising field) is like performing a one-man-show circus.

Sometimes you are the juggler
You’re juggling one job to another, and you must have a very good time management unless you want one of your job falls down the floor.

Sometimes you are the tightrope walker
You can’t afford even the smallest mistake. Because no one is walking with you up there. No one will save your ass if you slip and fall. No groupheads, no creative directors...it’s just you and your skill.

And sometimes.... you have to be the magician
As far as i can remember, we freelancers never include performing magic in our job description. But some people just expect us to. I wonder where they get the idea :p

Sorry for another rant :p the next post will be a new artwork. It's a promise :) Hehehe


  1. I hope things get easier. Your art is so lovely, so if anyone can make it work, you can! Still, working freelance must be scary at times.

  2. betuul, tp untunglah ada internet, sehingga kita bisa curhat lagi beradegan sirkus apa hari ini hahahaha!!