November 03, 2010

day 3-fave food

Sebetulnya sih saya pemakan segala...buat saya cuma ada 2 pilihan : enak sama enak banget :D
tapi akhirnya saya pilih sushi! Karena....gampang digambar hehehehehe *pemalas* :))
tadinya mo gambar nasi padang tapi susah bo lauknya banyak :p


  1. gw jg suka bgt sm sushi nih! liat gambarnya udah kepengen...
    ah cecil, gw uah paham kok soal pilihan lo, "enak" dan "enak banget" hehehehehe :D

  2. Your work always makes me smile. This is so cute and playful! I love the little sushis, trying to run away. The patterns and colors around the edges of this give it such a playful feeling.

  3. I'd love to do the 30-day challenge! I think I will be late, though (I'm a grad student right now). Is it okay if the drawings don't always get made every day? Maybe I will start it when my Christmas break starts!!! :D