November 26, 2010

Hongkong cafe

Again, thank you Angela Ferany for the opportunity. And especially, thank you for believing in me, more than i do myself :)

I was thrilled when being asked to do the mural designs for
Hongkong Cafe.
A big project involving seven big walls inside the restaurant, and an art-loving owner, those were enough to increase the "can-i-really-do-this" feeling deep inside *yes, damn you insecurities* :p

The outlet in Jalan Sunda

The previously very-nice-mural (and i had to do better than this >.<)

Sketches, layouts, references, colour guides, grids, all in approximately 2 months work

And finally, we started to paint the walls! Big thanks for mas Doy and team, they're the ones who transferred the designs onto the walls and i just do some supervision heheheh :p (We're lucky to have mas Doy on the team because he worked superfast, much more faster than i usually do when painting walls >.<, and plus i don't have the guts to climb and paint the main dining wall hahahah)
Aaannnddd after approximately 2 weeks of execution..... *drumroll*
this is it :)

Main-dining wall design

Non-smoking area design

Smoking area wall design

Corridor wall design

Private room wall design

First floor wall design


And these are the life-sized results :
Main dining

Smoking and non-smoking area


Private room


View from the outside

Phew! XD
Do visit Hongkong Cafe guys, they have a seriously good food there nomnom! :D


  1. Oh, Cecil, I can't even explain how beautiful these are! I wish I lived close enough to see them in person. They are so stunning and inspiring. I adore the colors and especially love the beautiful fish and bird motifs. <3

  2. cil, ngak kebayang meng transfernya cil.. *ngelap keringet :D good job!

  3. gileeeeeeeeeeeee @_@ keren banget! congrats!! dimanakah itu hongkong cafe?

  4. @ Sara : thank you Sara! come hereee and i'll take you to the cafe :D

    @ ci Gina : akupun....gak kebayang kok -_-" untung ada si mas Doy ini fuhhhh pas kelar tuh leganyaaaaa XD

    @ Ella : untung ada si tukang cat nya La! hehe...di Jalan Sunda La, sebelahnya Sarinah...ayuk sini! :D

  5. woooooow seriously good cecil!!!!


  6. thanks Soeeee mwahmwah *sambil duduk manis menunggu sneakers loic loic* :D

  7. GILAAAAA keweeen bangeet ceciiiil!!!
    *sembah sembah*

  8. kerennnnn buwangeeeeeeeeeeeeettt!! huaaaa!!!! mauuukkk!

  9. kemaren pas ada presentasi dari, tempatnya di sini loh di private roomnya.. dan terkagum-kagum sama gambar-gambar di temboknya.. kerennnnn :)

  10. Cil!!! aduuuh when my house is "finally" done....I want u to do my kids' room's mural yahhhhh aduuuh bagus bagus bagus :)

  11. cecil i used to lunch there...skrg mau kesana lagi aahh biar liat the design very mucchhhh...u're sooo talented! keep up the good work yaah...:)

  12. waooww bagus cil baguss... sukaaa jempol"ku buatmu dah.. hehe

  13. cil... dikau gifted banget sih... gileeeee bagus bangeettt...!!! mau ksanaaa...!!

  14. UAAAAAA....
    keyen bgt cil
    great job (^ ^)
    kudu ke HKC segera nih!

  15. Menakjubkan!!! *ternganga2* O,O Wuoaooww ;D

    lagi2 gw telat bgt yah taunya. ^^;