November 06, 2010

day 7- fave movie

Anyone can guess what movie is this? :D
Clue : this is the opening scene of the movie. I have watched this about 5 times and still go ga-ga over the beautiful details, not to mention the story. On a very subjective opinion, i'll give this movie a 9.5 out of 10 XD


  1. Hmm... I don't think I know this movie. But your drawing is so gorgeous and has such nice light and pencil work...

  2. @ Sara: eh no i cheated, the background was made digitally using photoshop, i'm too lazy to use the pencil to do the black background hahahah :p
    this is Tekkon Kinkreet, the best animation i've ever seen *oh well personal opinion*, you can check the trailer here :

  3. aku tauuuuu tekkonkinkreettt... kereeeeennnnn... :)

  4. cil keweeen banget inih!!! mau cari filmnya aah :D

  5. aku abis browsing di blog kamu.. i'm a big fan!

    irma (rangga)